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Outer envelopes have a rich history dating back centuries. In the days of kings and queens, they were used to protect valuable documents from dirt and mud while being delivered on horseback. In the context of wedding invitations, they emerged to keep the beautifully crafted inner envelope pristine during delivery.

Fast forward to today, and outer envelopes continue to serve a vital purpose. Think of them as a little added insurance from the rigors of USPS. Moreover, they add an extra layer of anticipation for your guests, as the outer envelope offers the first glimpse of the magic that lies inside.

The Charm of Inner Envelopes

Inner envelopes might appear to be a charming tradition, but their significance goes beyond aesthetics. Much like their outer counterparts, inner envelopes play a crucial role as protectors of your lovely invitation suite, ensuring each piece reaches your guests’ mailbox safely. Are you pondering a tactful way to specify “Adults Only” or control your guest list size? While the outer envelope typically lists the more general “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith,” it’s within the inner envelope that each guest’s name finds its place. For those opting for a formal or more traditional wedding, the use of a double envelope is a resounding nod to timeless customs.

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Preservation and Presentation

By using both envelopes, you can create a beautiful layering effect for your invitations. This is particularly beneficial if you’re considering an envelope liner and wish to ensure it remains intact. The outer envelope is designed to be discarded, whereas the inner envelope lacks adhesive, minimizing the risk of damage to the liner. Pro tip: here’s another benefit for you vintage stamp lovers. You can apply regular postage to the outside but then for some fun, add a few vintage stamps to the inner.

To sum it up, the inclusion of both envelopes not only creates a captivating layering effect but also shields your precious contents during delivery and provides clarity for your guest list.

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