which is right for you?

Custom vs. Semi-Custom Wedding Invitations

When it comes to wedding planning, sending out your invitations marks a significant milestone. Invitations give guests a glimpse into your celebration’s vibe and signal the official start of the countdown until you say “I do.” Read on to find out whether semi-custom or custom is right for you.

Semi-custom Suites

Semi-custom is the sweet spot between mass-market and full custom. Mix & match designs, change wording, paper type, print method, and more, all personalized to you and your style. It feels like custom without the long time commitment and budget.

Perfect for:
Tighter timelines
Smaller budgets

the spend: Approximately $1,130 for 100 invitations

Bespoke by ElizaGrace

“What if we…” Bespoke wedding invitations tell the love story of each couple, weaving meaningful details throughout the suite. Come with an open mind and let’s create something exclusively yours. Due to the highly personalized experience, timing and budget vary greatly.

Average spend
$4,500 and up